How to start capture Postman Interceptor requests in Microsoft Edge? #microsoftedge #postman #api


How to start capture Postman Interceptor requests in Microsoft Edge? #microsoftedge #postman #api🌐 What You’ll Learn:
Embark on the journey of capturing requests using Postman Interceptor within the Microsoft Edge browser. This tutorial provides a hands-on exploration of initiating the request capture process and gaining valuable insights into the requests sent and received during your API testing sessions.

💡 Who Should Watch:
This video caters to developers aiming to elevate their API testing capabilities, beginners eager to grasp the essentials of capturing requests in Postman Interceptor, and anyone looking to optimize their debugging and testing workflows.

📌 Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction:
00:15 – Open the postman App and get ready
00:35 – Start capture the requests

Delve into the practical aspects of configuring filters within Postman Interceptor, refining your ability to capture specific requests based on domains.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be adept at initiating and capturing requests with Postman Interceptor in Microsoft Edge, enhancing your API testing precision and efficiency.

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