What are collections and how to create new collection in Postman 2024? #postman #collection


What are collections and how to create new collection in Postman 2024? #postman #collectionWelcome to our channel! In this tutorial, we’ll explore the concept of collections in Postman and guide you through the process of creating a new collection in 2024. Postman collections are an essential feature that allows you to organize and group related API requests, making your workflow more efficient and structured.

🔍 **Video Overview:**

1. **Understanding Collections:**
– A brief introduction to what collections are and why they are crucial for managing API requests effectively in Postman.

2. **Navigating the Postman Interface:**
– Familiarizing yourself with the Postman interface, including the sidebar where collections are managed.

3. **Creating a New Collection:**
– Step-by-step instructions on how to create a new collection, including choosing a suitable name and description.

4. **Adding Requests to Collections:**
– Explaining how to add existing requests or create new ones within your newly created collection.

5. **Organizing Requests:**
– Tips on organizing requests within collections, including the use of folders and naming conventions.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a solid understanding of what collections are, why they are valuable, and how to create and manage them effectively using Postman in 2024. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe to our channel for more informative tutorials, and hit the notification bell to stay updated on the latest content. Let’s dive into the world of organized and efficient API testing with Postman! 🚀📊🌐

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