What you will learn about Postman interceptor in Microsoft Edge? #api #edge #postman


What you will learn about Postman interceptor in Microsoft Edge? #api #edge #postman🌐 What You’ll Learn:
In this video, we dive into the intricate details of Postman Interceptor within the Microsoft Edge browser. We’ll explore the critical concept of request filtering and its pivotal role in refining your API testing process. Understand how filtering empowers you to capture and analyze specific requests, contributing to a more precise and efficient testing workflow.

💡 Who Should Watch:

This video caters to developers aiming to elevate their API testing capabilities. If you’re a beginner eager to grasp the fundamentals of request filtering in Postman Interceptor or anyone seeking to optimize their debugging and testing workflows, this tutorial is tailored for you.

📌 Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction:

Set the stage for a comprehensive exploration of Postman Interceptor in Microsoft Edge and its relevance in API testing.
00:21 – Capture the Requests to Postman
00:38- Set cookie sync to get key and values also

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